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to come home to yourself.
1:1 deep dive coaching 
monthly group coaching available
The 3-Month
Queer Leader
Group Coaching Program
If you're a queer leader,
type A-overachiever,
then this exclusive program is for you.
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Are you ready to become the leader you were born to be?
  • Do you struggle with crippling anxiety?
  • Would you say it's between 8 out of 10 or 11 out of 10 and you're ready to get your life back?
  • Are you tired of taking on other people's energy?​
  • Do you want to mend family relationships or heal romantic wounds?
  • Do you want to start the business you're dreaming of?
  • Or maybe you already have and you're ready to double your income?
  • Do you want to make diet changes but can't seem to create new habits?
  • Do you secretly want to be Halsey meets Megan Rapinoe... but still totally you... #AmIRight?!
Got it. You're not crazy. 
This is all totally possible.
My clients and I are already doing it.
"I went from a level 10 anxiety to a level 2.
If I hadn't participated in Cuyla's program I know that this time in Quarantine would be unbearable for me. But this has been a beautiful and peaceful time for me."
- Jessica Babcock
Founder, Babcock Family Ministries


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"I thought about writing my book for 2 years. I worked with Cuyla and published it in 90 days."
- Amina Aminger
"I love working with Cuyla. Her gentle and present approach really inspired me to step out of my comfort zone. I have begun to submit my work for publication, which was a big personal hurdle for me to overcome."
- Todd Cantor
Sr. Solutions Architect

"My entire life has completely done a 360 (or I don’t even know how many degrees it has flipped). I doubled my income in 3 months and I feel so completely transformed. And to say that out loud it’s like, that’s freaking EPIC."

- Lauren McMonagle
Life Coach

2020 is YOUR year.

The question isn't..

     "Can I do this?" but..

"How do I finally make this happen?”

You know it's possible to get out of the anxiety and self-doubt loop,

but the path to doing it seems anything but easy. 

And you’ve already invested so much in your dreams.


At some point you bought a program, hired a coach or went to a conference, and you've watched God knows how many YouTube videos and webinars. 

You're sick of the lingering thought...

that you're going to have the anxiety for the rest of your life.

And it's not your fault.

You just don't actually KNOW what to do.

What ends up happening is that you spend your free time listening

to a ton of podcasts and webinars, taking notes, and it feels like

you're going in circles listening to the same stuff over and over again.

So you go from hopeful that you can figure it out on your own,

to completely discouraged that you haven't yet been able to connect the dots. 

And the painful part for me, you start to doubt your own vision and potential.

Here's How it Works...

Which leaves you--​

this incredibly talented but frustrated queer leader--

no closer to understanding how to shift out of the negative self-talk to just live life with freaking ease, grace, and JOY. 


"I realized working with Cuyla I don't have to punish myself or have anxiety about things anymore.

I can have the types of relationships I want and create the life I want and I AM. It feels so freeing."

- Chyna Oyola
Youth Empowerment Advisor

The KEY is you haven't COME HOME to you.​​




The 4 Hard Truth Reasons

Why you haven't come home to yourself

The 4 Hard Truth Reasons

Why you haven't come home to yourself

The 4 Hard Truth Reasons

Why you haven't come home to yourself

Hard Truth #1

The crippling anxiety is holding me back from even asking for help

I hear you. You're scared to even admit that the anxiety is really holding you back. The first step is the hardest. You are not your anxiety.  You deserve to come home to yourself.

My clients say they have a measurable

difference in their level of anxiety.


On average, they start with a level 10

anxiety and in just 6 weeks they would

rank it a level 2.

And man, only somebody who has dealt with a 10 anxiety, HIGH IT ME, knows what a 10 to a 2 feels  like. And, when you're at that 10 man, you will do just about anything to get to the 2.

But there is a formula to pivoting out of the anxiety. I will give all of that to you in my Coming Home Coaching Journey.

Hard Truth #2

It won’t work for me

I get it. It seems like you’re permanently stuck. You believe your pattern is a reality and you're giving yourself daily negative affirmations. You've been on the living authentic self journey for years but can’t seem to break through. 


You've read every personal development book hoping for the answers. I'm really sorry that you invested, cause I did too. I spent $100,000 on personal development until I finally got the right coach. Yeah. But when it works, it works. That's just your ego fear mongering you.

My clients say...


"I'd do it over again and again if I had to

because it was the breakthrough I needed

and hadn't been able to get in 5 years."

I transformed my life in 6 weeks and you can too, in my Coming Home Coaching Journey. 

Hard Truth #3

I can do it myself

I'm sorry that you've invested in other things. You've bought these courses, you've listened to the free classes, you've invested in seminars and other coaches.


The only mistake you can make from here is to think you're supposed to go at it alone. Because I don't want you to be six months from now in the exact same place. But this time you're thinking it has something to do with you. You're permanently broken. It works for everyone but you. It's just not true.

Same action? Different result. No it doesn't work. 


Different action, different result.

Client doubles her income in 90 days. 

You just didn't have the strategies to unlock yourself so you can unlock your life but that's ok because you can get that in my, you guessed it, 6-Week Coming Home Coaching Journey.

Hard Truth #4

The Quarantine has me feeling like I don't have the money yet

I understand, I do get your anxiety over money. It feels like you need to save every dime you have right now.


But staying the same, staying in exactly what you're doing now isn't going to give you a different result. You can't do the same action and expect a different result.  You're not going to attract the abundance that is literally trying to hit you in the face.



It took 1 of my clients 2 years on her own to break

out of her patterns to become a published author. 

She worked with me for 90 days and published her

first book.

Everyone has already invested in some kind of coach and it hasn't gotten them the results they want. So they're like, "Cuyla, I'm already overextended." And I'm like, "so you're going to keep committing to the same things that aren't working or are you going to double down one more time?"  


All it takes is Coming Home to yourself to unlock your life.




You free yourself, the anxiety drops, and your life unravels.


This is the simple and holistic way to find ease, grace, and


joy in all of the 5 major areas of your life.

COMING HOME to yourself in 6-weeks can lead to...

  1. Healing romantic wounds

  2. Mending family relationships

  3. Starting the business you've been dreaming of

  4. Diet and lifestyle changes

  5. No longer taking on other people's energy

Coming Home Emblem.png

     1. Romance 

2. Family

3. Career

4. Health

   5. Spiritual

Literally the moment you come home to yourself,

everything else unlocks.

SO. If you are finally ready to break out of the anxiety loop

and step into your highest self, without having to sell your

first born child for it all...

This is a NO BRAINER.




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